Join Our Team

At McDonald’s Sea to Sky, we’re proud to have a team of talented and dedicated employees who work hard to serve our communities. Our team members live and work in the community, and they are committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. We appreciate our McDonald’s Sea to Sky team!

Want In On This?


You get a sweet discount.

At McDonald’s, all staff get a discount on food and beverages during their shift. Keeps everyone from the hangries.


You get to try new menu items before anyone else.

Another big bonus for any foodie. How cool would it be to taste test the new menu offerings, like the brand-new McCrispy® before anyone else in the country?


You can earn school credits while working at McDonald’s.

Does the thought of continuing your education while earning some cash sound appealing? We think so. McDonald’s has accreditation partnerships with 31 universities and colleges across Canada.


Have friends who need jobs? You can refer them.

It is super easy to refer your friends for a job. McDonald’s uses an AI referral tool assistant that helps team members to connect their friends with jobs by sending a quick text message.


It provides great work experience for future careers.

In an Angus Reid survey of hiring managers and recruiters in Canada: 89% say McDonald’s restaurant work experience demonstrates applicants can work well as part of a team. While 82% agree McDonald’s restaurant experience is applicable to careers beyond the food & beverage industry. 


Flexible work schedules.

Work should fit around school, extracurriculars, family and friends, community involvement, and anything else important in your life — not the other way around. McDonald’s ensure employees are offered flexible work schedules that work for them.